Gnome Music Player Client 11.7

The 11.7 release is another release with the focus on usability and speed. Several widgets are replaced with easier to use ones and often better looking widgets and the overal responsiveness is improved. Some bling has been added to improve the visual attractiveness of GMPC. The important Metadata provider plugins, the plugins that get you the nice art, are intergrated into GMPC. This should provide a better experience out-of-the-box and makes it easier to deprecate and add providers (without the trouble for distributions to get new packages accepted).

This version is not yet released. If people will step up and help I hope to relase it in June 2011


These things has to be done before I can even think of releasing GMPC 11.7

  • Evaluate what plugins still work flawless.

If this is done, it should extend the list below.
  • [3227] Clearing metadata does not redraw background. (done)

  • [3221] Intergrate DiscoGS plugin into GMPC Source. (done)

  • [3222] Intergrate Last.FM Plugin into GMPC source. (done)

  • [3223] Add backdrops option to advanced settings window. (done)

  • [3224] Add extra-playlist plugin to the plugin blacklist. (done)

  • [3145] Update man pages link.

  • [3129] Typo in Preferences→Avahi Zeroconf dialog

  • [3225] Update Manual

Blocker bug
I want to have atleast a usable english manual.
  • [3226] Remove OsX specific code from GMPC. (unless somebody wants to maintain it)

  • Check if Win32 build still works.

  • etc.

New Features

  • Auto mode support Replaygain

  • New Albumview (large album covers) in MetaData Browser.

  • New songlist view in MetaData browser.

  • New volume button that does not have corner of screen issue like the Gtk Version.

  • Add advanced settings screen that allows you to remove gui elements.

  • Intergrate Extra play-queue plugin.

  • Intergrate Last.FM provider plugin.

  • Intergrate LyrDB provider plugin.

  • Add HTBackdrops Provider plugin.

  • Easycommand Commandline inside gmpc gui.

  • Easycommand Commandline history support.

  • Backdrops in the NowPlaying screen.

  • Fullscreen mode.

  • Add support for thumbnail uri’s in metadata system.

  • Compacter layout player part. Lot of the intermation is duplicated in now-playing. So reduce size of the player part.

Removed Features

  • Rating support.


  • Improve startup time.

  • Different version scheme: YY.M

  • Make music-tree plugin find more art more aggrasively.

  • Ctrl-W to close window.

  • Improved (humanity) tray icons.

  • Etched in border for Nowplaying/Metadata browser

  • Fix long time crasher in songlist.

  • Auto query on metadata selector.

  • Improve sorting in songlists.

  • Fix several smaller drawing issues with gradient themes.

  • Fixing several (small) memory leaks.

  • NowPlaying: Scale images to available size.

  • Easycommand: Add icons to entrybox.

  • Easycommand: Better matching for autocomplete.

  • Easycommand: popup go away very quicly when moving focus.

  • Easycommand: popup aggrasively grab mouse/keyboard pointer.

  • Fix right mouse add/replace handling.

  • Remove all libsexy stuff.

  • Code cleanups, separations, etc.

  • Replace libbacon with libunique.

  • Set 5 second timeout on GmpcEasyDownload.

  • Reduce sqlite database integrety check time.

  • Speedup metadata queries by using explicit sql indexes.

  • (Metadata browser) Do more things lazy loading.

  • Improve play-queue manipulation (add,replace,play) from metadata.

  • Center playing in play queue on creation.

  • Building with newer vala versions.

  • Easycommand for plugins.

  • (some) keybindings can be changed using gtk’s build in system.

  • Move more code to vala.

  • Code cleanups, added code documentation.



  • Last.FM: Intergrated into GMPC

  • DiscoGS: Intergrated into GMPC

  • LyrDB: Intergrated into GMPC

  • Extra Playlist View: Intergrated into GMPC

  • Statistics: Intergrated into GMPC (0.20.0)

  • MDCover: To be deprecated by music-tree inside GMPC.

Non Functional Plugins

  • Cover Amazon: License issue

  • Last FM radio: Blocked by

  • GuitarTabs: Adblocker detection of website blogs plugin.

To Be Tested

  • dynamic playlist: Needs plugin


  • (tested Qball on intergration into GMPC)

  • Magnatune: The browser + fetcher part (tested angelos)

  • Jamendo: The browser + fetcher part (tested angelos)

  • lyrics: Both leolyrics and other one (tested angelos)

  • lyricswiki (tested angelos)

  • alarm (tested angelos)

  • Avahi: Does it discover MPD? and add it? (tested angelos)

  • mmkeys: works (tested angelos)

  • albumview: Works (angelos)

  • awn: Works (angelos)

  • libnotify: Works (angelos) (git for libnotify >= 0.7, release for libnotify < 0.7)

  • tagedit: (angelos)

  • wikipedia: works (angelos) (still open bugs!)


  • qosd

  • xosd

  • appindicator

  • playlistsort (crashes (angelos))

  • Tagedit (works angelos)

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