Gnome Music Player Client 0.15.5

After a very long way, it's finally there: gmpc 0.15.5: while(bug_count > 0) fixBug(); So whats new and improved? to much to mention. But I'll highlight some things.

New Features

Some of these features may only work in combination with mpd from svn.

  • Playlist queue's: You can now select songs to be played next.

  • Playlist Editor: You can now create/delete a playlist. add, remove and move songs in a playlist.

  • Chain search rules: When searching in the playlist or the database you can now chain your queries using and and or f.e: Artist "Norah Jones" and Album "Not Too Late" or Artist "Eric Clapton" and Album "Unplugged".

  • New Tag browser: You can now create your own tag browsers in "itunes" style. With inline cover art.

  • Similar artist support: The metadata can now show (if the plugin is installed) show similar artists, and allows you to browse them.

  • Message bar: When an event occurs, f.e. a disconnect gmpc now shows an inline message. The type of messages to be showed can be configured.

  • Message window: Shows a backlog of old messages showed in gmpc.


  • File browser: The file browser now has 2 panes, one folder tree, and a folder content list.

  • Sorting: Song list, tag lists and more can everywhere be sorted by clicking on the headers.

  • Keybindings: You can now easily with the keyboard enabled disable audio outputs, or switch from one browser to the other.

  • Metadata: It's now easier to (re)fetch metadata.

  • Drag and Drop: You can now drag and drop artist/albums from the metabrowser on the player-bar, adding to or replacing the current playlist.

  • GtkStatusIcon: Tray icon now works on linux, windows and mac osX.

  • Right mouse menu: This now works as expected, if you click on a selected row, it shows the menu, if you right click on a not-selected row, it will select the row first.

  • Proxy: The proxy can now be set from the preferences window.

  • Huge amount of bugs fixed.

Regressions and known Bugs

In every piece of software there are bugs, gmpc included. These are luckely all low-impact bugs.

  • Output state doesn't update correctly when set from another mpd client. This is partially a limitation of mpd.

  • It's possible gmpc thinks it's connected to another profile then it actually is.

  • The file browser when reconnected does not always show the right pane filled, selecting it again corrects it.

  • Mouse over on the new tray-icon does not work, also scrolling does not. This is a limitation of gtk's Gtk::Status::Icon.

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