Quick Start

This guide will quickly, in 8 steps, show how to get started once you installed GMPC. This guide assumes that you allready setup MPD and it is working.

  1. Step 1

    Start GMPC. Normally GMPC can be found in the menu under: Applications->Multimedia->Gnome Music Player Client This should be identical under GNOME, KDE, Unitiy and XFCE. If you start it from a terminal, or using a run dialog (alt-F2) type gmpc

  2. The first time you run gmpc, you see a first-run wizard. Follow the wizard step by step.

  3. Enter the ip of the machine running mpd. If GMPC and MPD are running on the same machine, you can enter localhost in the Host field. If MPD is running on a different machine, enter the external IP address of that machine. In the screenshot this is

    Press Connect, if that succeeds, we can continue to the final page of the wizard.

    If GMPC fails to connect to MPD, check if MPD is running. If MPD is running on a different machine, check if MPD accepts connections from the network. This is configured with the bind_to_address option in mpd.conf.

  4. If GMPC is successfully connected we can close the wizard.

  5. (update screenshots)

    When running GMPC for the first time we see the now playing screen. This does not display anything because no music is currently playing.

    Lets add some music, the easiest way is using the file browser (called Database). You can find the database in the left pane.

  6. To add a songs you right-click on the folder and press add.

  7. Now the play queue is filled, lets select a song an play it. (double click on the song).