Gnome Music Player Client

The Gnome Music Player Client (or short GMPC) is a frontend for the Music Player Daemon (short MPD). GMPC allows you to control the playback of MPD. Create playlists, enable/disable outputs, etc. In addition to just controlling MPD, GMPC offers features like Album art, lyrics, etc. More options like editing of tags can be added by installing plugins. GMPC is one of the oldest clients for GMPC, and the only one that has been continuously developed and maintained.

A guide giving a quick introduction to Gnome Music Player Client.

In this section each part of the main interface is explained.

Easy command provides a commandline interface in GMPC. Allowing you to quickly control MPD and GMPC. For example if you want to play the song 'Layla' from 'Eric Clapton' you just type: play title=layla artist=clapton This section explains the possibilities easy command offers.

Tips and tricks for using the Gnome Music Player Client.